N. O.

it was dark, and not just the world.

it was me, I admit.

I had gathered witches to burn, and these things called feelings just kept getting in the way.

walk a day in these boots, I would love to hear what they say.

they are not so pretty, stacked up like wood, with the sun cooking the holes that were souls.

somebody said it is like trying to light a bucket of water, they did not know me.

skin, candy, sin, and oceans of gasoline.

I had loved these things, each and all of them.




fuzzy eyes I had,

in mission mode is never fun for anybody, especially me,

a heat fucking seeking missile.

this happened.

about 100 meters off target,

I set up.

it took me about 4 hours, once I was dug in,

only the extract, and completion of the job.

the first few were easy, the other suckers took cover,

I found them and they did Allah,

god bless their fucking souls.

I told myself that I would never kill an innocent,

And I have kept that promise.

Sugar, I hope I see you soon.